How I Support You

We often believe the course of our lives has been determined by something outside ourselves or by some irrevocable choice we made in the past. Although that might be true to some extent, Iíve learned that weíre always in the driverís seat and we really can choose to make changes we would like to see. So I work with people to identify just what changes would cause them to thrive, and coach them to choose the actions necessary to make those changes.

You know that chatterbox we have going on in our heads almost every moment of every day? Too frequently we say things to ourselves that tear us down rather than saying things that build us up. Iíve seen people make huge shifts in how they regard themselves and how they live their lives by simply consciously changing their internal chatter to positive self talk that affirms who they are and supports their needs and desires. So I help people get in touch with how they are bullying themselves internally and change those messages to loving support.

You may feel that youíre too busy taking care of day-to-day living to take time to have fun and be creative. What Iíve found is that people who are playful both in and outside of work take better care of others and are more productive. So I help busy people identify what brings them joy and to give themselves permission to take time for fun and creativity.

You may have some creative urge that you put on the back burner long ago to tend to the ďmore importantĒ matters of day-to-day living. What Iíve seen is when we grant ourselves time to be creative, we gain energy and focus for dealing with all aspects of our lives. So I coach people to reclaim their creative juices and give themselves the time, space and permission to playfully create.

You may think creative or artistic expression requires talent and thatís something you werenít born with. Iíve noticed that everyone has the ability to express themselves creatively if they focus on the act of creating rather than the product. So I help people gain the confidence and give themselves the permission they need to express themselves artistically.